Atheist Church

Objectives [Atheist Church]

The first objective is a mandatory part of atheism.  The others are optional, although they tend to be unavoidable because they pertain to survival.

1. Freedom (the "base")
This includes, particularly, freedom of thought and freedom of expression.  Christopher Hitchens once stated that we've got free will whether we want it or not.

2. Tellurian solidarity (the "collector")
We all live together on the same planet (a "tellurian" is an "inhabitant of earth"), and our solidarity that embraces our cultural diversity and other differences is the key to the longevity of all species.

3. Critical thinking (the "emitter")
This emphasizes "how to think" rather than "what to think."  Questioning everything is encouraged with a specific emphasis on impartiality.

We're using a three-pronged metaphor built around the "transistor" which also represents the importance for logic and science in progress as it was the major turning point for solid state technology that started the trend of making technology smaller.

The flame, which is not normally a part of the schematic symbol for the transistor, is another metaphor added to represent the "act of progress."